In the U.S., one student drops out of school every 12 seconds.
That's a lot of students so far this school year.

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Big Picture Education Australia


Level 1, 5 Saywell St

Marrickville NSW, 2204, 3016


Viv White, Director

061 2 9590 5341

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School Overview

Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) has made impressive progress in a short time. It has established a board, developed broad networks, opened schools, and developed strong relations with Big Picture Learning (BPL) USA. BPEA has developed accredited courses of training for teachers, designed communication and marketing collateral, and developed a three year strategic and business plan for growth including government and corporate funding strategies.

Big Picture Education Introduction Video

BPEA now supports six Big Picture schools, conversion schools, and Big Picture Inspired (BPI) schools (click here ( to see all BPEA locations on a map of Australia). BPEA works closely with the schools to support their reform. Support includes visits, coaching, curriculum materials, professional development and small grants.

Australian Big Picture Schools:

  • Jordan River Learning Federation, Tasmania
  • Montrose Bay Big Picture, Tasmania
  • Launceston City Campus
  • Glebe Campus of Sydney Secondary College, NSW
  • SMYL Community College
  • Yule Brook College in Western Australia

Big Picture Inspired schools and conversion schools:

  • Blue Gum Community School
  • Canberra College in The Australian Capital Territory
  • Childside School in Western Australia
  • Claremont High School in Tasmania
  • Croydon Community School in Victoria (conversion school)
  • Enfield High School in South Australia
  • Erindale Senior College in The Australian Capital Territory
  • Manjimup Senior High School in Western Australia
  • Ogilvie High School in Tasmania
  • Prospect High in Tasmania
  • St John’s Park High School in New South Wales
  • Uniting Care Cutting Edge In Victoria
  • Woodridge State High School in Queensland
  • Yea High School in Victoria
  • Silkwood School in Queensland
  • Wanniasa School in The Australian Capital Territory
  • Hunter Sports High in New South Wales
  • Belmont High in New South Wales
  • Reece High School in Tasmania

Changing Australian Education

BPEA has established a presence in the Australian education community, presenting widely to communities and schools, advising government and building the network of Big Picture Inspired schools. Universities and philanthropic organisations support Big Picture Education Australia.

In addition, Australian Murdoch University (WA), the Origin Foundation and BPEA are working with the US group to set up a longitudinal study into Big Picture principles and student outcomes. The study is starting with Yule Brook College and will produce planning and research tools for all schools.

Elliot Washor At our 2011 Conference – Making It Big

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