In the U.S., one student drops out of school every 12 seconds.
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Mapleton Early College High School


7480 Conifer Road

Denver, Colorado 80229


James Long, Principal


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School Overview

Mapleton Early College students experience a college-preparatory environment balancing real-world learning through professional internships and access to college courses supported by their advisor, teachers, and college coordinator. Students and parents are active participants in the design and assessment of the student’s personalized learning plan, which starts with the student’s own interests. Around these interests, the student’s advisor, internship mentor and parents create a formal curriculum, internship learning goals and community-focused learning opportunities. By staying with the same advisor and small advisory of students for up to four years, students participate in a strong culture of high standards, accountability, and support.

Here, watch Jay Carter – a junior at Mapleton Early College High School – speak about his experiences at his internship as a Research Assistant in the Horticulture Lab at Denver University. Watch as he explains his responsibilities, demonstrates the skills necessary to complete the work, and talks about his relationship to his duties.


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