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Here to Here

In order for young people to make informed decisions upon graduating high school, they need real world experiences. Real world experiences that enable them to explore a variety of career paths. Career paths that begin with their interests and passions.
Unfortunately, traditionally under-served, low-income communities are faced with a significant disconnect. Large groups of students have tremendous potential but are not prepared for today's in-demand careers. At the same time, many employers find themselves struggling to find the right talent. Until recently, providing opportunities to connect these two groups has proven difficult.
From young people to educators to employers, Here to Here finds paths between them all. We are systematically transforming how high schools and post-secondary institutions prepare our youth for meaningful career pathways. 
We look at the bigger picture to identify the resources within each community, then use those assets to help people connect. In so doing, youth and adults discover new ways to benefit one another. Educators gain alternative ways to engage students and give them purpose. Employers get access to an untapped and diverse workforce. Young talent discover new avenues to build careers and better lives.
Entire communities flourish. Here to here.