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BPL Students: Come to Big Bang!

Big Bang is the International Conference on Student-Centered Learning, hosted by Big Picture Learning. And what would a student-centered conference be without students at the center!?
That's why we're inviting students from across the Big Picture Learning network to attend this year's event in St. Louis, from July 25-28. And we at BPL are doing all that we can to make your attendance a reality, including reaching out to potential sponsors who see the benefit in supporting student attendance at this event. Thanks the support of sponsors for last year's conference, close to 50 students were able to attend Big Bang 2016! We hope to exceed that number this year!
Now is your chance (through May 1, 2017) to indicate your interest in receiving financial support to attend this year's conference. To be considered for a full or partial scholarship to Big Bang 2017, please complete the below form and record a short video (no more than 30 seconds) indicating why we should select you to attend the conference! 
Unfortunately, we already know that we'll be unlikely to fund every student who wants to attend the conference. But this shouldn't stop you from attending. To make it easier for students to attend Big Bang, we're offering a reduced student registration rate. Additionally, we certainly encourage students to conduct their own fundraising campaigns by reaching out to local friends, families and businesses. For example, please check out the GoFundMe campaigns currently being run by Big Bang Student Experience Coordinator Dana Luria and student attendee of last year's Big Bang, Naseem Haamid.