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Inspired by Peter Singer’s book, Big Picture Learning launched the "Most Good You Can Do Challenge" in fall 2015, exclusively for network students. BPL students have always engaged in authentic projects that do the "most good” in their communities. This challenge recognizes and rewards that work.

The spring 2017 competition is now open!  BPL Network students are encouraged to submit applications -- using the form embedded below -- detailing projects they're working on that are specifically designed to better their communities. A panel of experts will review the submissions and distribute several awards of up to $1000 as seed money for these community projects. We are excited to hear how Big Picture Students are doing the MOST good in their community! If you have any questions, please contact Dana Luria at

To learn more about the students who received support from the fall 2016 competition, please read this blog.


Students: for a better understanding of effective altruism and possible inspiration for your project, we encourage you to watch Peter Singer's 2013 TED Talk: The Why and How of Effective Altruism. (17 minutes)