In the U.S., one student drops out of school every 12 seconds.
That's a lot of students so far this school year.

Support Big Picture Learning and help stop the count.

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Becoming a Big Picture Learning School

Are you interested in joining the Big Picture Learning network?

Big Picture Learning schools are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students. We welcome the opportunity to bring more schools into our network, and want to make sure that new schools are well informed about the design and the commitment necessary to be a successful Big Picture Learning school. To that extent, we welcome you to follow the steps below to learn more about our schools and the pathway to opening your own Big Picture Learning School.

  1. Read through the website to learn more about our history, the philosophy that drives the design, and the distinguishing elements that make up a Big Picture Learning school.
  2. Visit an existing school. Check out the interactive map to find a school near you. Click here to complete the visit request form.
  3. Download and review our Professional Development Services brochure.
  4. Attend a Big Picture Learning event. Check out the events page to see what upcoming events are available that might suit your exploration needs.
  5. Read through the New School Development packet.
  6. Contact Carlos Moreno to get additional information or to take the next step in opening your own Big Picture Learning School.

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