Big Picture Learning, with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, is applying 25 years of experience and research to expand internship programs across New York State. 

The New York Internship Pathways Project supports schools and districts in designing and facilitating high-quality, student-interest driven, real-world learning experiences like internships. As part of this initiative. Big Picture Learning is helping schools to create new programs, align existing programs with Big Picture’s approach to Learning Through Interests & Internships, and expand access to real-world experiences. Additionally, we are helping schools align their programs with Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Option 1, an under-utilized graduation pathway that awards credit for work-based learning hours. 

Participating schools receive:

  • Training for, access to, and technical support around the use of the Imblaze internship management platform
  • Regular, personalized coaching from BPL staff to support school needs and program goals
  • Professional development through monthly convenings and annual BPL conferences
  • Participation in a community of practice with partners across the state working towards common goals

In addition to providing direct school support, BPL is partnering with local coalitions to advocate for policies that enable more real-world experiences for high school students across the state. 

For additional details about this initiative, or if you would like your school or district to participate, please contact Casey Lamb, NY Internship Pathways Director.