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Big Bang 2017 Leaving to Learn Sessions

One of the key distinguishers of the Big Picture Learning design, found in our network schools, is that students Leave to Learn. We recognize that learning can (and should) happen anytime, anywhere. After all, real world learning is best accomplished in the real world. Thus, a central component of our own conference reflects that.
Much of the learning conducted at Big Bang happens outside of the conference itself through half-day Leaving to Learn sessions in which attendees learn through local community experiences. For instance, during Big Bang 2016 -- held in Orlando, Florida, attendees learned from Disney Imagineers, displayed their problem solving skills in a local Escape Room, travelled to the Kennedy Space Center, and more!
We are pleased to announce the 2017 slew of Leaving to Learn sessions - a list which will grow as we continue to confirm more St. Louis experiences. Space for each of these sessions is limited, and priority registration is reserved for attendees who have already registered for the conference at large. As selection for these sessions is now open, so -- if you haven't already -- we encourage you to register for Big Bang now in order to secure the exciting excursion of your choice!
Once again, the Big Bang agenda is being facilitated through the Mobile app Guidebook! In order to register for our Leaving to Learn sessions, you must have first registered for Big Bang, have downloaded Guidebook (or accessed it on your laptop or desktop device) and set up your account (if you haven't already). See this document for instructions.
Once you've done this - navigate to "Schedule" in the sidebar, select "Thursday, July 27th", Scroll down to the 9:30 time slot and pick the session of your choice.
Any of the below graphics will also take you to the session of your choice; however, if you have not yet signed into Guidebook you will not be presented with a registration option.