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Here to Here

Enhancing Pathways through Powerful Partnerships.

HERE to HERE links employers, educators and diverse community stakeholders in concerted action to enhance career pathways for young people in low-income neighborhoods.

Beginning with 10,000 young people in the Bronx, we are demonstrating a powerful new approach for equipping an entire generation with the knowledge, skills, experience and social capital that lead to lifelong success.

Through partnerships, we are amplifying proven best practices to drive systems change that will help all young people access family-sustaining careers and choice-filled lives.

We look at the bigger picture to identify the community's resources and assets among employers, educators and young people. Then we help those groups connect so they can discover ways to help one another for the good of them all:
•  Employers get access to an untapped and diverse workforce.
•  Young talent discovers new avenues to build careers and better lives.
•  Educators gain alternative ways to engage students and give them purpose.

Many pioneering efforts have begun to solve these two problems:

Employers are expanding partnerships in communities such as the South Bronx to develop future talent and build direct onramps to their businesses.

Educators are embedding real-life learning into their curricula and leveraging wide-ranging community assets to help young people identify their vocations, rapidly gain skills and realize their dreams.

Young People
Young people are designing their own education, navigating new experiences, and developing professional networks as well as contributing to creating more effective pathways for their peers and people in the community.

Other Stakeholders
Many other stakeholders -- including nonprofits, public officials and policymakers -- are working to fill the gaps with essential services, trying out new ideas and incentivizing progress towards a new system.


HERE to HERE began in 2015 as a collaborative project between The James and Judith K. Dimon Foundation, Big Picture Learning and DreamYard. The James and Judith K. Dimon Foundation also generously supported HERE to HERE's start-up costs and make direct, incentivizing investments in our first cohort of community partners throughout the Bronx.

Now HERE to HERE is emerging as a freestanding organization. It is led by Abby Jo Sigal, as founding CEO, working with a team of 10 professionals and a network of dozens of school, post-secondary and CBO partners.

HERE to HERE welcomes interest and support from prospective new school partners and stakeholders. For more information, please contact and visit