Let's face it. High school can be more engaging and relevant. So what might happen were we to redefine where school begins and where it ends?
How do we create a space where students' talents grow and interests thrive in authentic ways? What if -- instead of adding more to school -- we take more away? What if we could make classroom walls fade and disappear, opening a world to students in which learning can happen anytime and anywhere?
ImBlaze is a mobile platform that encourages students' interests through internships by connecting them to mentors in the community. Through ImBlaze, students can pursue internships in which their interests are connected to relevant real-world projects that also benefit the internship site. In this way, ImBlaze empowers constructive student agency, ownership, and choice, and accelerates place-based and academic learning that is accessible on demand.
This revolutionary design cultivates relationships by making personal connections between students and mentors in the community. 
With ImBlaze, there's no limit to the barriers you can break or the connections you can make.