Course Content

Learning Big Picture is constantly adding to and refining our online course content, often with the assistance of educators from the Big Picture Learning network! Here are the some of the courses the are currently available to Learning Big Picture subscribers (to see a full list, visit this document): 
The Why and How of InternshipsThis course is designed to help users understand the purpose and importance of real-world, place-based learning - each essential components of developing an effective internship program at your school.
Project EvaluationIn this course, attendees learn how to design a planning tool to help students self-monitor and assess their projects in a project-based learning environment. 
ImBlaze 101: ImBlaze is Big Picture Learning's mobile platform that helps students discover internships in their community and connects them to mentors that work in a career field that they'd like to explore. This course orients users to the essential elements of ImBlaze to help you get on the road to curate a set of internship opportunities for your students to request and pursue.
Culture, Inquiry & Problem Solving: A key distinguisher of Big Picture Learning network schools is Advisory. This classroom structure allows students to build close personal relationships with educators and peers that can often last a lifetime. In this course, we'll teach you how to develop a strong and intentional advisory culture, one which deepens reflection and creates a shared learning community.
Exhibitions & Assessment: The most authentic assessments are personalized and match students' individual learning objectives. In this course, we'll help you develop the tools and skills needed to build a strong culture of authentic assessment.