Brenna Badecker

Brenna Badeker is the Program Manager at Big Picture Learning. In that role she works with a variety of different team members to develop greater organizational strategies for the organization, while also handling Project Management and other administrative tasks. 
Brenna is an Alumni of the Met Sacramento High School Class of 2013. She then went on to receive her Bachelor's Degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz before completing her Master's Degree at the University of San Francisco, School of Education. Before working with Big Picture she spent several years working in local government and in healthcare, striving to create equity both educationally and medically.
Outside of working with Big Picture, Brenna spends a large amount of her time working in the community. She has volunteered and advocated for a non-profit, Camp Kesem, that provides a free week of summer camp for children whose parents have had or have cancer. Brenna also enjoys photography and spending time in nature when she can find the time.