Though Big Picture Learning began as a school design model, we now devote much of our time and energy to changing the way the world thinks about education. Instead of a paradigm that judges students and sets limits for achievement, we are rethinking an education system that inspires and awakens the possibilities of an engaged population of learners, from Pre-K through higher education. All of our work--from our schools, to our practices, to our initiatives--is intended to influence the national debate about public education. We want to convince opinion leaders, parents, and the public that there are better ways to engage our children in learning.

Big Picture Learning believes that radical educational change begins on the ground level – one student at a time, in schools. We have proven that our approach to educational change is effective, both nationally and internationally  – and that a shift in thinking about schools and learning is imperative on a systemic level. Through the achievement of our schools and through our initiatives, Big Picture Learning is compiling an impressive list of educational successes. In turn, these accomplishments have given us added leverage to influence and change public policy.



A desire to reform education in a way that speaks to students’ interests while at the same preparing them for a changing world is in no way unique to the United States. Other countries recognize the coming impacts of a changing economy and the dramatic effects of a growing wage gap, particularly in underserved communities. Having recognized that Big Picture Learning had already gotten a head start on tackling some of these issues and numbing the impact they were having on under-resourced schools, educators and policy-makers around the world began to take note. If there is no need to reinvent the world, why do so? We invite you to take a look at the way educators in Australia, the Netherlands, Italy and Canada have taken the Big Picture design and applied it to both similar and unique challenges they face in their home countries.


Big Picture Learning is proud to influence--and be influenced by--the work of 10 separate networks that have come together to form the Deeper Learning Network. Together, these 10 networks serve over 500 schools, bringing deeper learning practices to more than 200,000 students nationwide. Though our approaches to deeper learning may vary, the organizations within the deeper learning network collectively are devoted to ensuring that ALL students possess the skills and know-how to succeed, and have the ability to apply their classroom practice to real life.


By all accounts, Vermont is leading the charge among all states to put competency-based education on an express path to reality. Since 2015, the Vermont legislature requires that all students in the state be provided both a personalized-learning plan as well as opportunities to graduate by illustrating proficiency, rather than simply collecting course credit. Though this seems revolutionary to most, Big Picture Learning has emphasized these approaches as part of its distinguishers, ever since our inception. Thus, we have been tapped as a resource for Vermont based and educators who are introducing these concepts into their schools and classrooms for the very first time.