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All students can benefit from Deeper Learning practices and instruction. However, equitable access to such opportunities is not always available to students of color, immigrant youth, English language learners, and youth in poverty; mainly because long-established notions of learning suggest that predetermined academic skill levels must be reached before Deeper Learning can occur.

The Deeper Learning Equity Fellows will tackle this issue, not merely by creating interventions, but by figuring out and breaking through the barriers that prevent these interventions from occurring in the first place.

The Deeper Learning Equity Fellowship is a cohort-based program that will develop, strengthen, and sustain the next generation of diverse and exceptional leaders. These leaders will influence the policies and practices that expand access to Deeper Learning in public education across the country.

Equity Fellows are leaders who can amplify voices and perspectives underrepresented in the Deeper Learning movement. The program provides these leaders with high-level leadership development and networking opportunities, and the chance to step back from their daily work to reflect on the unique ways that they can strengthen and shape the future of the educational excellence and equity movement. Participant's learn from, support, and challenge each other as they enhance their own leadership skills and continue to strive toward providing high quality Deeper Learning opportunities for every child in America, but most critically those who are presently underserved.

The Deeper Learning Equity Fellowship is a partnership between Big Picture Learning, and the Internationals Network for Public Schools.