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On the BPL Blog, we feature not only the writings of BPL staff members, but also the voices of leaders, advisors, and even students from across our network. Click through to read and subscribe.
For decades, BPL's co-founders Elliot Washor and Dennis Littky have been writing weekly memos both to their staff and to an increasingly wider audience of folks interested in their unique take on education reform. These memos ("TGIFs") have since been adopted by many members of the BPL staff (as well as many of our network schools), but we capture Dennis and Elliot's on a weekly basis for the rest of the world to see!  Click through to read and subscribe.
In 2015, Carlos Moreno and Andrew Frishman took over the reins as Big Picture Learning's Executive Directors. Carlos and Andrew (affectionately dubbed "Los" and "Frish"), were once BPL advisors and schools leaders in their own right, and--like Dennis & Elliot them--bring a wealth of deep thought and passion to their weekly reflections.  Click through to read and subscribe.