BPL Coaching

At the heart of Big Picture Learning are our coaching services. We have an esteemed staff of Regional Directors and school design coaches who themselves were once advisors and leaders within the Big Picture Learning network. BPL Coaching Services are offered to both new and existing BPL network schools who are interested in strengthening or refining one or more of our distinguishers.
It’s possible that for some schools interested in working with Big Picture Learning, the process of whole school (re)design or transformation requires significant stakeholder work and development before powerful change can happen. In those cases, a school might choose the appropriate entry point, whether it be a focus on leadership development, creating an advisory structure, adopting and managing an internship program, or implementing more equitable practices in your school or curriculum.
School coaching is personalized and offered both in-person and through our online learning management system - Learning Big Picture. Each coaching partnership is unique. We conscientiously establish goals and benchmarks with our partners and provide detailed reporting on progress toward those goals. 
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