BPL Affiliation

The Big Picture Learning network is built around the recognition that each student has unique interests, needs, and abilities. We believe that the key to achievement lies in fostering students’ individual interests and encouraging their active participation in the learning process. Because of our philosophical commitment to student-directed, real-world learning, each Big Picture Learning school is connected to a greater whole - locally, nationally, and internationally. We invite you to join the movement.
As a Big Picture Learning affiliate, you will have access to one of the most passionate, thoughtful, and supportive networks of educators working in the field of student-directed, real-world learning today; not to mention an organization in Big Picture Learning expressly committed to pushing the personalized-learning conversation to the front of the education policy debate. Additionally, you will receive:
  • One complimentary registration (not including travel and lodging) to Big Bang - our annual international conference on student-centered learning;
  • One complimentary registration (not including travel and lodging) to Big Picture Learning's annual Leadership Conference;
  • One free visit for up to three school staff members to visit The Met (Big Picture Learning's flagship school) in Providence, RI, on one of its official school visit days, scheduled each school calendar year;
  • Access to Big Picture Learning's 13 instructional guides;
  • A remote coaching session with one of Big Picture Learning's Regional Directors and/or School Design Coaches; and
  • Access to discounts Big Picture Learning has secured for its network and affiliate participants.