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Jody Cornish

Managing Partner, Reimagine Learning Fund - New Profit

As a Managing Partner with the Reimagine Learning Fund at New Profit, Jody works with a cross-sector group of social entrepreneurs, researchers, philanthropic funders, entertainment industry organizations, and policy leaders to support a dramatic shift in how we approach learning in the United States to support the success of all learners. Jody leads the domain’s culture change work, focused on mobilizing parents, students and educators to support the dramatic change we envision. She also provides strategic and organizational consulting support to portfolio organizations within the Reimagine Learning domain and to organizations and collaborations New Profit is incubating.

Prior to rejoining New Profit in 2014, Jody spent nearly three years providing independent systems change, strategy and organizational consulting services to non-profit organizations and social change intermediaries throughout the United States. During her time as a New Profit partner from 2011 to 2013, she worked with the senior leadership teams at our portfolio organizations to help them build sustainable organizations that address systemic problems in public health, education, poverty alleviation, and workforce development. She also played a lead role in cross-portfolio learning, ensuring organizations are part of a fertile learning community that is strongly influencing conversations about social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prior to New Profit, Jody co-founded an international economic development firm focused on connecting the private sector, public sector, and NGOs to drive the growth of socially responsible business in developing countries. Previously she spent more than eight years as an organizational and strategy consultant, working with start-up and high-growth organizations. After leaving academia in hopes of finding a way to apply the ideas she had encountered in graduate school, Jody started her career in the economic development practice of Monitor Group.

Jody’s commitment to social innovation stems from a strong desire to ensure that social and economic barriers do not prevent individuals from realizing their potential and living meaningful lives. Having grown up in a rural farming family in Pennsylvania, and as the first in her family to attend college, she has first-hand knowledge of how just a few factors can make the difference between a life full of possibility and a set of tightly circumscribed choices. Travel and work in more than 30 countries have helped her appreciate the enormous disparities in wealth and opportunity that exist across the globe, as well as the similarities in aspiration and hope that connect us all. Building bridges and creating opportunities where only ambition exists is the connecting thread in the various work Jody has pursued over the course of her career.

Jody holds a B.A. in international relations and Russian Studies from University of Rochester and an M.A. in comparative social psychology and economic development from Duke University. She studied adult development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is a certified career and leadership coach. When not reimagining learning, Jody is enjoying life with her partner, Jacques, their new baby boy, Axel Gabriel, and her loyal and quirky dog, Barnabee. She’s also spending a lot of time imagining what a full night’s sleep might be like!