Natalia Marte

Law Student - University of Buffalo School of Law

Natalia Marte is pursuing her Juris Doctorate at the University at Buffalo School of Law and a Ph.D in Sociology at the University at Buffalo’s College of Arts and Sciences. She is also a law clerk at Harrington & Mahoney, a criminal defense firm in New York. Natalia also serves as the Northeast Regional Chair of the National Black Law Students Association (NEBLSA) and is responsible for coordinating programs and initiatives that promote the academic and professional development of black and minority law students and attorneys.

In addition, Natalia’s professional history includes teaching high school and college classes, providing counseling to children and teenagers in foster care or group homes, coordinating law school pipeline programs, and much more. Though she is experienced in a variety of disciplines, her purpose is to support black and brown communities, through the legal profession and academia.

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, and the south side of Providence, RI, she has personally experienced and witnessed the many forms of oppression that black and brown communities are victims to, such as targeted policing and mass incarceration. Natalia’s upbringing and connection to her community has led her to fight for social justice and equity. She has been active with Black Lives Matter chapters in New York City and Buffalo, engaged in community organizing and demonstrations, and conducted Know Your Rights trainings in inner city communities. Essentially, her goal is to become a criminal defense attorney that will fight for the liberation of black and brown people and advocate for true rehabilitation, not incarceration.

As an alumni of The Met High School in Providence, RI, Natalia has benefitted from individualized learning plans and the holistic support from educators. Understanding how this level of support contributed to her academic, professional, and personal success, Natalia seeks to pay it forward by staying active with the Big Picture Learning community as well as ultimately supporting students of her own as a professor at a Historically Black College/University or Hispanic Serving Institution.