A Message of Hope from a Big Picture Student to All Big Picture Students

I sat home watching the TV hoping for a win, for someone who would represent me the right way, and who would make history once again. I continued to look at the TV screen and began to get nervous because she was down, but I remained optimistic. I am a firm believer that when you remain positive, positive things will happen. I fell asleep and when I woke up my optimism had gone out the window because she had lost. I was disappointed, angry, but most of all scared. I feared what was going to come and didn’t know whether people shared my emotions. That is, until I made it to school the next day.

I walked into my school, Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School in the Bronx, and saw the faces of my fellow students and our teachers. I walked the hallways and felt the sadness that lived there, a sadness that had seeped into the classrooms. The emotions and thoughts that were shared that day are just unexplainable. Many of my teachers were crying as if someone had died, but it made many of the students realize that we had support. Even if we felt that the world was against us or the country had failed us in some way or form, we were safe and our teachers, advisors, principal, and all the staff in the school had our back. One thing my teacher had told me is that he felt he had failed us. That stuck with me because I wanted to show him that he didn’t fail me because he has blessed me with knowledge and support.

To all teachers: we are all human and make mistakes, but teachers are there for students; especially in the face of adversity. This was something that was shown to me on that day. That even with all the negative emotions I felt, my teachers continued to show that they wanted me to succeed and push forward. This was just a little bump on the path towards success.

Students: I challenge you - use negativity as motivation. You have support even when you feel you don’t. You have support inside your school from your teacher to your principal. You have support from the larger Big Picture Learning Network. Don’t forget that they are student-centered, so they are there for you. They support our dreams whether we want to become astrophysicists, or even a DJs, or even politicians -- something I still personally strive to become despite what I’ve witnessed in the very recent past.

Education is the key to success.  We are fighting an intellectual battle. We must educate ourselves, so that we are in the position to make the decisions ourselves. We must make sure the power is in our hands and no one is able to take that away from us. The power we have is the knowledge we attain from being in an environment centered around us. No matter where you come from, look like, or believe in.  We are all an intricate piece of the DNA which keeps the Big Picture Learning Network vibrant.

P.S. Vote Naseem Haamid for President in 2036!