BPL Named one of the 100 top Innovations in Education for 2017

Last week, in Helsinki, Finland, Big Picture Learning was announced by the global education non-profit HundrED as one of its 100 education innovations from around the world.

BPL was chosen due to its unique pioneering status and ability to create a scalable impact. The selected 100 projects cover various fields of education from learning environments and holistic wellbing to collaborative learning and game-based education, as well as a range of themes including small, teacher-led practices, ambitious not-for profit initiatives, viral edtech products and unique whole school models.

HundrED aims to share inspiring ideas and projects across borders to help improve the future of education globally. Innovations were selected through HundrED’s own in-house research team, as well as through their advisory boards made up of experts in education. Student advisory boards were also consulted in order to make sure young people had their voices heard too.

Saku Tuominen, creative director of HundrED, said: “Big Picture Learning clearly stood out to us as a project that needed to be shared with the world. Being able to showcase these innovations marks the beginning of a drive to get all teachers involved in revolutionizing education. We will continue to encourage as many schools and organizations as possible to get involved so that we can work towards a positive future”.

HundrED packages their findings in a way that makes it easier for teachers, students, parents, policymakers and thought leaders to find out about the latest developments in education, and to make it as easy as possible to implement similar ideas wherever they are in the world. To explore the global innovations, please visit: www.hundred.org and to directly visit BPL’s HundrED profile, click here.

Big Picture Learning co-founder Dennis Littky was on hand to keynote the event and, unsurprisingly, he pushed the thinking the international audience in attendance. Check out a sample of their reactions, via twitter, below.


Even before BPL was formally recognized as one of the 100 Innovations of 2017, HundrED knew the power of BPL's approach, particularly when it comes to putting the "person" in personalization, as evidence by their interview with Elliot Washor below. (See Elliot's complete interview here).