Atlas - the first Big Picture Learning School in Kazakhstan

Madina Sypatayeva, a practicing lawyer with experience working for the Kazakhstani Government, had been thinking about  how something different needed to be done about her nation's schools for awhile. After spending eight months in the United States and taking executive education courses at Harvard Business School, she visited The Met School in Providence. This visit helped her put her ideas together with the Big Picture design.


Within a year of returning to Kazakhstan, Madina opened the country's first Big Picture school, Atlas School, to 30+ students.


Atlas School was started as an after school organization with designs to become a full fledged Big Picture designed high school serving over 300 students in just a few years. Atlas, like all Big Picture network schools, recognizes the identity and uniqueness of every teenager that walks through it's doors. It creates the atmosphere and conditions to help student find their passion and become lifelong learners. Atlas School's approach put students directly at the center of their own learning. 


For the full development of Atlas adolescents, five modules have been developed, covering the main areas of a vital circle of life balance:


The school has been so successful in its first year that they ran a summer camp. Dennis Littky, co-founder of Big Picture Learning, visited this past summer to spend time at the camp and help train the staff.
Students from the Met will be traveling to Kazakhstan in the fall to help Madina and staff create a solid Big Picture Learning School!