1,000 Acts of Courage

Courage looks different on everyone. Whether big or small, each act of courage in service of women's empowerment makes an impact - because it's not just our beliefs that change the world, it's our actions.

I’m pleased to be working with the ILLUMINATE Film Festival in inviting everyone, women and men, educators and students, to share their personal acts of courage toward women's safety, well-being, and opportunity to contribute and influence our world. We aim to inspire and collect at least one thousand stories of courage in order to celebrate those making a difference and to inspire others to recognize their own opportunities to act courageously.

Our global community is at a turning point. Discrimination and violence against women hurts us all, and across the United States and around the world women and men alike are taking courageous action.

We will select one high school student's act at random and award them $50 as a thank you for submitting their act of courage.   We will also select a student's act based on the act and the story shared. This individual will receive $100.

Some examples of acts your students might have taken would be to  disrupt gender stereotyping that they see with their parents, teachers, or among peers when they make jokes or putdowns. Courage may also look like considering courses of study or careers that are traditionally gender based. For young women, courage may be seeking out a mentor to help pursue a career interest, or speaking up when someone uses inappropriate sexual language or behavior. In having a conversation with your students, they will discover their own stories.

Those who submit their stories of courage can choose to share their story with others or remain anonymous. Selected stories will be amplified on the ILLUMINATE website and social media channels and circulated to community partners. 

The turn around time is short.   All stories of courage must be submitted by February 25th.  

1,000 Acts of Courage is a:

community-building conscious action campaign
to collect one thousand courageous acts
for the well-being, empowerment, and equity of girls and women

What is your story of courage? Submit today.