Recognizing an Authentic Partnership

The Met Sacramento High School has much to be thankful for.  Our network of internship sites and mentors is vast, and continues to grow, due to the dedication, pride, and hard work of our students.  We have proven to be a reputable school to work with, and for that we have our students to thank.  Without our internship sites and mentors, the Met Sacramento would not be a space where authentic career development could take place.  While we have many internship sites to thank for their partnership and dedication to the professional and personal growth of our students, there is one site the Met Sacramento would like to take extra time to acknowledge.

The Met Sacramento High School is exceedingly grateful to Stafford King & Wiese Architects (SKW) for their commitment and continuous mentorship they offer our students.  SKW has been designing educational facilities for the past 70 years, which was an indicator that they have a vested interest in creating beautiful spaces our students could be proud of.  The partnership began in 2008, when SKW signed-on to design a new green campus for the Met Sacramento students.  Longtime mentor Adriana Mouser shared, “it’s very fulfilling to have designed a school environment that we know enables students to learn better. And then have one of those students expand upon their learning by coming to our office and learn about what it is to be an architect…that just completes the cycle!”  It is those very words—it completes the cycle—that expresses the deepest level of respect and gratitude SKW has for our community.  This is an environment where our students not only grow professionally, but also as human beings who understand the importance of giving back.

The Met Sacramento has benefited from the partnership since the fall of 2008 when Abel Guerra (then a high school junior) and joined the SKW team, and later to be joined by (then a high school sophomore) Shauna Badeker in the fall of 2009.  While the two students benefited tremendously from their mentors, and SKW as a whole, they also played a key role with the company. Both students played an instrumental role in what would later result in a newly renovated Met Sacramento High School campus.  Abel was involved in working on the plans for the building.  His interests were architecture: planning and designing.  Shawna tapped into her strengths in marketing and presenting.  When asked about how mutually beneficial it is to mentor a Met student, Adriana shared, “We cover topics together that range from writing their first professional e-mail to learning how to use advanced drafting software.  The students eventually interact with everyone in the office and come to be viewed as valuable collaborators.”  Because it is mutually beneficial, the investment is there for the student and for the site.

In 2011, the newly renovated Met Sacramento High School was ready.  Although the project eventually came to an end, the partnership thrived.  For over seven years, the partnership has proven to be authentic in that both SKW and our students are benefiting.  SKW continued to devote time mentoring a Met student each academic year.  Students Jay Kerschner, Dejon January, and most recently, Bellamia Liso, have all benefited from this partnership.  SKW has yet to deny our students a space to explore their interests.  When asked about the value of internships, Adriana shared, “Internships are so valuable to students in that they provide the opportunity to see what a career really entails, and helps them make a better informed decision about a college major and future career.”

While we are recognizing Stafford King & Wiese Architects, the Met Sacramento has a long history of working with well over 2,000 outstanding mentors and internship sites.  Our internship database would not be where it is today without our students.  They built our network!  They continue to build it, and our mentors continue to trust the Met Sacramento, and continue to give to our students.  And for that, we are thankful.