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Dana Luria

Dana leads our work in New York City by supporting our schools in adopting and developing ground-breaking educational practices.  Dana received her bachelor’s at the University of Michigan–where she got her start challenging the education establishment.  After graduating, she moved to NYC and quickly proved to the founding staff at The Bronx Guild High School that her Midwestern sensibilities could manage just fine in the Bronx.  She spent the next eight years supporting her students as they questioned the world and learned about themselves. During those first four years of teaching, Dana spent her evenings at NYU’s School of Social Work hoping that with a MSW, she could better meet her students’ diverse needs.  With her current work in the NYC and beyond, Dana is able to share her passion for making schools relevant and exciting for students.  She’s a Real World Learning Guru and a Design Thinking Junkie.  When she is not facilitating professional development or coaching teachers, Dana can be found chasing her kangaroo of a daughter, Joey, and smiley son, Owen, through the streets of Brooklyn.  Dana loves making ice cream and reading fiction and can always be counted on for a recipe or book recommendation.