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Javier Guzman

Why I joined Big Picture Learning:

I’ve been implementing this kind of learning for over six years and believe in the power of the design. I’m excited about reaching a wider audience and impacting learning on national and international levels.


Why education:

Schools are strategically placed to truly impact the life trajectories of their students. Unfortunately, they are the institutions most resistant to change. It is a worthwhile journey to push against this and to help create educational practices that are more empowering to our youth.


More about me:

I love running up hills and stairs, particularly in Los Angeles where I live. I hold degrees from St. Francis College and Brooklyn College, including a master of fine arts in poetry.


Why you should listen to me:

I rode Route 66 on a mountain bike carrying 30 lbs of gear.


Some of my work:

Below is a link to a video of New Village Girls Academy, a wonderful school in Los Angeles where I was principal and worked alongside a talented and committed group of individuals to implement the Big Picture Learning model.


Contact me at: @bigpicjavier on Twitter