Jeff Petty

Jeff Petty has worked for the last 20 years in various capacities to understand and improve the experience of urban secondary students. He has worked as a public high school teacher and administrator and as a consultant to schools and school districts on how to reorient schools in order to know students better and make their learning more engaging. He has also worked in charter and non-charter contexts on structuring autonomy and accountability relationships between districts and schools.


In 2005 he founded Highline Big Picture High School, now a 7-12, and served as its principal and co-principal for eight years. His current work involves working with various local and national partners, including Big Picture Learning, to scale engagement-driven secondary schools and improve the regional climate for public school innovation. He is particularly interested lately in how schools develop in students the metacognitive attributes associated with lifelong learning, post-secondary success (college and career), and general well-being.

Jeff holds a BA in Biology from Princeton University, an MEd from the Harvard Graduation School of Education, and a principal credential from the University of Washington. His work with schools is informed by the reflection that, for the most part, his most powerful learning experiences occurred outside the classrooms of those institutions.