Doubling Down Over Doom

The coronavirus has gone viral
Got some seeing the coroner
While others still putting limes in their Corona
We can't see what's right around the corner
We don't even know what's right before us
Our eyes tri-, but blind to the threat that slips in where we are porous;
Poor us, we dash as if we're all damned...stuck
With the fear of missing out on the toilet tissue as a pandemic plagues us
With horror, in haste, we start running in separate spaces
Dependent on technology while Covid cases
Has us searching for that silver lining -- Zoom baby!
Now we can see Brady Bunch faces;
Digitally fly away while our voices often muted.
Sick of her body being looted --
Mother Earth is pissed because her guts are all polluted
Her heir is forcing us to scurry,
We don't react with the quickness, but we are always hurried;
Rat race -- the human race runs in a maze by the day
Father Time watches us braggin' that we've come a long way
We Face Time to discover that we went the wrong way
Says, Cole, J.
What's gone viral is no Cold Play
'Tis knocking people out like the Mama of Cool J; 
Range of 360, it's causing a cascade of panic waves...
Covid-19's news spreading through media's airwaves
Numerous closings, quarantined inside
Waiting for the virus to Passover - we hide.
Seems like the Feds only rally to fight and declare war,
Revolutions of war go 'round and 'round:
Feds are very civil about war; 
they'll unite for world war,
And produce a sequel when an empire strikes back; 
Feds don't simply go to war against countries,
They also crusade against ideals and ideals --
From communism and socialism, to the war on drugs; 
I consider such excess as the Axis of evil
But Federal backwardassedness during this moment of micro-upheaval
This plague is damn near medieval
There's no unified plan to secure us from this invisible enemy in our homeland
The United States where states are divided,
Each state states what they have decided --
While the world has been shook without Ali
This picture's surreal like Salvador Dali
Is this some sort of dream, while standing wide awake?
'Cuz I'm bracing for the aftershock in the middle of a quake.
Right now, masses want to have a mask on -- they Watchmen and women...
Dare cough in public, they might try to kill the god.
Now I'm looking at a future where I can't take my mask off.
Now I'm looking at a future where I can't take my mask off.
Don't sing to me of liberty and frames of equity
Until you stare deep in the mirror that sits before thee
If you love truth, beauty or humanity;
Create, share, and grow -- interdependently --
With one another, without the "other..." 
From the air we breathe to all within our 'sphere --
A mere speck, you are; yet, you are still here!
See-sawing between danger and opportunity,
Focused on what to make out of it,
Blossoming for all to see.