A desire to reimagine and reshape education in a way that not only puts students at the center of their own learning, but also partners them with community-based mentors, is not exclusive to the United States. Indeed, since Big Picture Learning’s founding over 20 years ago, an increasing number of international educators have joined our efforts to spread a “one student at a time” philosophy across the globe, and have seen great success in doing so. To date, Big Picture Learning has made an impact in numerous countries – from Israel to New Zealand, from Belize to China, and more – either through the creation or transformation of new schools, an influence on national education policy, or—in some cases—through the development of entire Big Picture Learning partner organizations.

 We invite you to learn more about a few of our partners by visiting the links below.


If you are interested in bringing Big Picture Learning to your country, please complete this form. If you are in South, Central or North America, Elliot Washor will be in contact; Sonn Sam will respond to requests from Asia, and Scott Boldt covers Africa and Europe.