Los Angeles Leaves to Learn

Big Picture Learning, with support from the Leonard Hill Charitable Trust, is applying 25 years of experience and research to expand internship programs across Los Angeles. During the 2019-2020 school year, BPL will support the Los Angeles Leaves to Learn (LA LTL) initiative in eight sites, facilitating over 500 internships and 1,000 real-world learning experiences for youth across the city.
Big Picture Learning internships focus on student-interest driven, real-world experiences. Youth partner with experts in a field of shared interests and contribute in authentic ways to their host site. 
We value the skill of doing and recognize that knowledge can be acquired, seen and assessed through performance-based tasks. But it's relationships that matter the most in all learning contexts, both in and out of school. Schools have the power to prioritize and support the development of mentorships. We're happy to help.
By leveraging our regional networks and bringing educators together, our work will increase opportunities for all youth to build personal and professional networks to open doors to future careers.
The Los Angeles Leave to Learn Initiative is a Big Picture Learning program in partnership with the Leonard Hill Charitable Trust. Participating Implementation Sites receive training for, access to and technical support for the use of the ImBlaze Internship Management platform and Learning Big Picture online professional development suite. For additional details about this initiative, or if you would like your school or organization to participate, please contact Andrea Purcell, Big Picture Learning School Design Coach. Click here to read our Los Angeles Leaves to Learn Research Evaluation.