Project InSight

Through its newest workplace learning initiative - Project Insight - Big Picture Learning, with support from the Fox Family Foundation, is applying 25 years of experience and research to providing students with a range of work and career opportunities -- from exploration and projects to internship and fellowships -- in fields related to vision care and eye health.
Students will be offered the opportunity to join existing networks of professionals in the world of work relating to vision care, including with physicians, scholars, researchers, bioengineers, technicians and entrepreneurs whose common pursuit is the solution of large, complex and publicly significant problems.
We believe that if students are encouraged and supported in exploring visual impairment and eye care, many will find that they have a deep and enduring interest in this field. 
Project Insight is a Big Picture Learning initiative supported by the Fox Family Foundation. Participation is open to all students; no academic qualifications are required, just an interest. Selected schools will have an opportunity to participate in designing and prototyping materials and processes and will receive materials, training and support. For additional details on this initiative, or if you would like your school to participate, please contact Andrea Purcell, Big Picture Learning School Design Coach.