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Upcoming BPL Webinars

BPL is proud to announce our slew of late winter/early spring webinars. Please sign up for any of these free events to learn more about our mission and services
Get to Know Big Picture Learning
In this general overview of Big Picture Learning, we'll introduce to our school design, our services, our innovations, and more! (with a specific focus on some remarkable students from within our network). Check these out if you're interested in learning more about BPL!
Get to Know ImBlaze and Learning Big Picture
For over 20 years, Big Picture Learning has been providing coaching and internship management support through on-site professional development. Today, new technologies and new tools -- like ImBlaze and Learning Big Picture -- allow us to provide similar support through distance learning platforms. Both BPL network and non-network schools are invited to attend these webinars to learn more about these tools and how they can help your school advance your own student-directed, real-world learning practices.
Other webinars
Often, Big Picture Learning staff are asked to lend their voices to the efforts of organizations that are advancing the similar causes in the world of progressive education. We invite you to participate in these upcoming webinars featuring our team members.