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M. R. began her career in 2003 with Big Picture Learning as the Business Manager for The Met Center, in Providence, RI, where she spent five years in budget and facilities management while the school grew from 120 to over 800 students; including the addition of the East Bay Met School in Newport, RI, later named for Paul W. Crowley. M. R. then joined Big Picture Learning in 2008, after having served as a consultant for 18 months, and became the Chief Operating Officer in 2009.

M. R.’s professional career was in the for profit arena for more than 25 years; however her passion for working with teenagers outside her professional life, brought her to the realization that her skills would be better served working to advance the opportunities of young people in the field of education, leading her to The Met in 2003.

After having lived in Rhode Island for 31 years, M. R. returned to her home in York, PA in 2008, where she grew up; loving being near her family again, while still working hard to help provide better opportunities for youth to succeed in high school and in life.

M.R. Brezler

Chief Operating Officer

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