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Let's Activate!


our approach

It is Big Picture Learning's vision to see all young people live lives of their own design. We partner with schools and communities to co-build sustainable systems of student-driven, real-world learning. Successful and sustainable school transformation does not happen overnight. Rather, it draws on the collective commitment and practice of an entire community of students, parents, educators, leaders and more. Our coaching approach is centered on building capacity at the school level and empowering school level leaders to make this transformational community possible.

A core of BPL's work is coaching and supporting schools to build and sustain student-driven practices while pushing for more equitable outcomes. As such, there are key coaching principles that drive our efforts. These principles serve as touchstones to inform our strategy, approach and reflection as we coach with our schools. 



In any coaching engagement, we strive to:

Strengthen our Collaborative Relationship

Anticipated Outcomes

BPL and school partners will be successful when:

There is a strong foundation of mutual trust, compassion, honesty, respect and accountability.

There are clear parameters for collaboration and an understanding and comfort with bi-directional learning and creative tension.


Develop a Clear Vision and Strategy for Transformation

There is an alignment of mindsets, practice and processes.

There is an understanding of current realities and the transformation process.

Though the process is collaborative, school communities define the vision and own the transformation process and resulting design.


Cultivate Breakthrough Leadership Skills and Empowerment

School leaders feel empowered to lead the transformation process.

School leaders continually develop and deepen their equity-driven practices.

School leaders feel safe and empowered to have courageous conversations.

There are authentic opportunities for "learning by doing" and for reflection.


Refine Equity Driven Learning Practices

There is an eagerness to continually learn and grow together.

There is collaboration in designing learning experiences rooted in BPL's 10 Distinguishers, 10 Expectations and 5 Equity Driven Practices (Personalization, Advisory, Real-World Learning, Interest-Driven Project Based Learning and Authentic Assessment).

School leaders integrate practices into their daily work and model for staff.

We really started to get an idea of what amount of work it takes to make this kind of change, but also the positive great things that happen in the process!"


Susan Nystrom , Founding Principal

North Bay Met Academy

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