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Big Picture Learning has been at the work of evolving education to be more equitable and student-centered for over 25 years. We're honored to join and lead local and national conversations, as well as partner with others whose collective efforts will influence the future of learning, 


Big Picture Learning's focus and emphasis on personalized relationships and community building - which has served as the foundation for our success for three decades - has enabled our network to flourish, even in the face of a pandemic.

When we evaluate success through exhibition, care, relationships and respect; Big Picture Learning, its schools and its students routinely show that they're a cut above. Access the 2023 State of Network Schools Report here.

state of network schools

Our prioritization is students and, by extension, student-centered learning. In an educational world in which data rules the day, we lean into student exhibitions as the standard when it comes to demonstrations of learning. We learn by doing. Why not then exhibit what we've learned, also by doing? 

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We know that the paths of educators and leaders of color are not without obstacles. They work in and with communities who themselves are often barraged with conflict. And yet, they're often tasked with being courageous in the face of adversity. To withhold love and mask vulnerability. We reject this premise and have launched Leadership Journeys to counter the narrative.

Leadership Journeys is a multi-media, DJ-fueled celebration; replacing turntables with slide decks, but without the sacrifice of soul. 

We work closely with conferences, convenings and organizations to create space for educators of color and allies in the equity in education movement, joined by exceptional system level leaders who embrace the notion that sharing deeply personal stories is the path forward toward collective dopeness.

Contact us with interest to bring Leadership Journeys to your community.

There is no other event like this one. The stories shared were raw, real and powerful. I love the energy and the reminder that I am not the only one struggling to navigate these spaces on the daily.

the bpl longitudinal report


In an October 2020 report published in Teachers College Record, researchers Karen Arnold (Boston College) and Georgiana Mihut (Dublin Economic and Social Research Institute) found that the distinguishing programmatic elements of Big Picture Learning - including advisory, internships, exhibitions of learning, and more - are (and have been!) achieving long-term results valued by educators, parents, employers and colleges. 

Moreover (and of highest importance to us), longitudinal data on the impact of the BPL approach over time suggests that our design "of relationships and relevance does an outstanding job of engaging students and making them feel cared for, supported and connected to adults."  

Available Now!

Learning to Leave Elliot Washor & Scott Boldt (2023)

A follow up to the seminal Leaving to Learn, Learning to Leave is all about real-world learning and getting deeply 'inside the outside' where youth are engaged with adults around their interests in search of doing things that give their life meaning.

Learn more about the book and get your copy!  (Link)


big picture speaker & writers bureau

Are you interested in having someone from Big Picture Learning speak at your event, be part of a panel, present as part of a webinar, write for your publication or something else altogether? We're always excited to partner with others in the work of rethinking education and equity. Moreover, we stress that you can't authentically be student-centered without centering students. Thus, we'd be thrilled to connect you with Big Picture Learning students and alumni. Review our national speakers and writers bureau below, and please visit our contact us page to make a direct request.


Carlos Moreno

Co-Executive Director


Sonn Sam

National Director of Partnerships


Andrew Frishman

Co-Executive Director


Elliot Washor

BPL Co-Founder


Eunice Mitchell

National Director Leadership Development


Dennis Littky

BPL Co-Founder


Jennifer Ghidiu

National School Network Director


Someone Else

Is there someone not listed here whom you'd like to hear from? Visit our staff page for a wider selection.


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