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Eunice Mitchell is the National Director of Leadership Development at Big Picture Learning. She works closely with principals, teachers and community partners, inspiring and igniting radical transformation in schools to meet the needs of students. Eunice has a diverse experience in education. She started her educational career in higher education at Seton Hall University and Rutgers University working with underrepresented students as they navigated their college experiences. In 2002, Eunice was selected as a recipient of the New Jersey Consortium for Urban Education fellow and taught in Newark, New Jersey for several years both in public and public charter schools. She joined Big Picture Learning in 2009, serving as a founding school leader of a Big Picture Academy in East Side High School, and received Big Picture Learning’s Ted Sizer Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership. Eunice’s educational and personal creed is best summed by the words of activist Niki Giovanni in her poem entitled When I Die, “and if ever i touched a life, i hope that life knows that i know that touching was and still is and will always be the true revolution.”

Eunice Mitchell

National Director of Leadership Development

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