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In addition to our network of schools, Big Picture Learning serves as an incubator of sorts for the next great ideas in education. Our initiatives include multiple fellowships, outside of school learning opportunities, healthy living and learning partnerships; and much more. Check out our suite of initiatives.


January 24-26, 2022

Adult Fellowship

Ashé Leaders Fellowship

The Ashé Leaders Fellowship is designed to identify emerging leaders, deeply develop their capacity, and amplify  - on a national level  - their experiences as they transform systems in their communities and beyond.


Health and Wellness

Big Picture Living

Focusing on the American College of Lifestyle Medicine's Six Measures, BPLiving is a first of its kind resource providing a game changing approach to health and well-being at Big Picture Learning schools and beyond.

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Adult Fellowship

Equity Fellows

Equity Fellows are leaders who can amplify voices and perspectives under-represented in the Deeper Learning movement. This program provides these leaders with high-level leadership development and networking opportunities.


Career Pathways

Here to Here

Here to Here champions youth in The Bronx and greater New York City by bringing together businesses, education and community leaders to build equitable avenues to lifelong career success. 


Evidence of Learning

International BPL Credential

The IBPLC - which has been validated with research institutions in Australia and is currently being piloted in the U.S. - enables young people to demonstrate and document their learning both inside and outside of school.

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Student Fellowship

Project Insight

Project Insight invites students to become Fellows as they pursue their interests in real-world settings under the guidance of a professional mentor in fields related to eye health and vision care.

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Higher Education

College Unbound

College Unbound fills a unique niche in postsecondary education for returning adult learners with a Bachelor's Degree program designed around an innovative, personalized curriculum model.


Out-of-School Learning

B Unbound

In partnership with Straight Up Impact, B Unbound is a community-based platform connecting young people with supportive adults and peers navigating their way through shared interests.

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Student Fellowship

Harbor Freight Fellows

The Harbor Freight Fellowship is designed to support youth for whom the trades are the appropriate and chosen post-secondary path to a fulfilling life as a professional and community member.


Internship Technology


ImBlaze is a powerful tool that enables schools to curate a set of internships for students to pursue. Students can easily search for internships and log attendance on any mobile device.

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Focus Populations

Native American Initiative

BPLNAI works closely with network schools to meet the unique cultural and linguistic needs of Native youth so that all students may benefit from the wide breadth of cultural knowledge and worldviews of Indigenous peoples.

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Harbor Freight Fellows are students who are passionate about pursuing a career in the crafts or trades, working closely with a mentor who shares their passion. Meet Maddie, who has already moved from Fellow to full-fledged crew member aboard the Oliver Hazard Perry. Learn more about the Harbor Freight Fellowship.​

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