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January 24-26, 2022

All students can and should live lives of their own design. Lives supported by caring mentors and equitable opportunities to achieve their greatest potential. At Big Picture Learning, we activate opportunities through our global school community and suite of initiatives to make this so. Join us.

We are friends. We are partners. We are learners and teachers. We are beloved agitators. We are activists.


School is more than a building. It's a place where learning happens. And for our global network of over 275+ schools, fellows, and other places of learning around the world, leaving to learn in and with the community is every bit as important in the learning journey as the classroom is.  Meet our network.

In addition to our network of places, Big Picture Learning serves as an incubator of sorts for the next great ideas in education. Our initiatives include multiple fellowships, outside of school learning opportunities, healthy living and learning partnerships; and much more. Check out our suite of initiatives.

Big Picture Learning has been at the work of evolving education to be more equitable and student-centered for over 25 years. We're honored to join and lead local and national conversations, as well as partner with others whose collective efforts will influence the future of learning. Learn more about our engagement, impact and research.


Explore the collective journeys of a handful of BPL schools as they discover the need to change something about their approach to teaching and learning, discover Big Picture Learning, center students in new ways and realize that there's no going back. 

Image by Terrance Raper


Big Picture Learning puts on two widely attended convenings each year, Big Bang and the BPL Leadership Conference.

Big Bang is BPL's annual conference on student-centered learning, an intergenerational collaboration where students and educators come together as equals to learn from one another and from our host community. If Big Bang is about celebration, our Leadership Conference is about rejuvenation. It's our more intimate convening; giving school, district and organizational leaders the opportunity to break bread with folks who share a common language and a common dedication.

Next up: 

Big Bang 2024

Memphis, TN

July 22-25, 2024




With support from Power:Ed and in partnership with McLeod Health and local school districts, BPL is proud to announce the expansion of trades-based opportunities for youth in South Carolina through our Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative. Read more, via SCNow


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