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School is more than a building. It's a place where learning happens. And for our global network of over 275+ schools, fellows, and other places of learning around the world, leaving to learn in and with the community is every bit as important in the learning journey as the classroom is.  Meet our network.


Navigate and filter this map based upon geographic area and/or BPL initiative! See descriptions below to learn more about how you might filter the map using the top level buttons to draw focus to specific schools and/or innovations. Click on points on the map for links to network schools or programs. (If the above map is not sizing correctly for your screen, click here).

the bpl school network


Big Picture Learning is perhaps best known for our network of schools, which started as a single geographic point - the Met School in Providence, RI - three decades ago, and has since grown into 110+ schools across the United States and another 100+ around the world. 

We work very closely with individual schools, as well as geographic affinity groups (clustered to grow and learn from one another), to implement one, several or all of the Big Picture Learning distinguishers.

We're excited to hear from you if you'd like to see Big Picture Learning in your school or community. Your first step is to simply Contact Us with your interest!


Since Big Picture Learning's founding over 25 years ago, an increasing number of international educators have joined our efforts to spread a "one student at a time" philosophy across the globe. To date, BPL has made an impact in numerous countries - including Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, Belize, Kenya, The UK, and more! - either through the creation or transformation of new schools, an influence on national education policy and even the adoption of new assessment metrics, like the International Big Picture Learning Credential (IBPLC).

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A pillar of the Big Picture Learning approach is that as much - and often more - learning can happen outside of the school as happens within it. Historically in our network, that has been facilitated through internships and mentorships, which many students partake in up to two days each week. 

Increasingly though, outside of school for us means outside of school altogether! BPL is working closely with crafts and tradespersons, community centers, Chambers of Commerce and more to stress that the key Big Picture distinguishers can be deeply embedded in all places of learning, not just schools.

beyond school



As humans, we long for connection, exploration and doing what we love to do. Partnering with trusted community-based organizations, B-Unbound trains adult advisors who can guide youth Navigators through shared interests, thus building a community of peers learning to navigate their way together. Visit the B-Unbound website.

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leader fellowships


We don't mince words when we talk about how and why public education can and should change and evolve to one that is more equity-based and student-centered. But as an international organization, we also realize that that change happens more on the ground than it does in the air.

That's why, as a complement to our school and outside-of-school networks, we count as places those communities in which members of our two adults fellowships are doing the work of opening new schools, shifting policy, raising awareness and working together to rethink and reimagine the future of education.


Now in its fifth cohort, Big Picture Learning launched the Deep Learning Equity Fellowship (in partnership with Internationals Network for Public Schools) to identify and empower emerging public education sector leaders to amplify voices and perspectives underrepresented in the deeper learning movement. Learn more about the Equity Fellowship by visiting the website.

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