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As Regional Director, Loren gets to combine his passion for interest-based learning with a mission to sustainably undo systems of oppression. Loren is an experienced administrator and educator who has worked with numerous schools and districts to develop context-sensitive strategies serving the interests of students, staff, families, and community. These strategies include: restorative practices, developing non-cognitive competencies, personalized learning plans, internship-based learning, project management, and ways to authentically increase student, staff, family, and community voice.

In 1999, Loren began his career as a middle school teacher in Los Angeles. While the experience was often magical, Loren found himself losing too many students to a poor education paradigm. In 2005, and as principal intern, Loren joined the founding team of Seattle’s Highline Big Picture High School. He committed to three months and found himself often emphatically criticizing Big Picture's approach to learning. Loren kept asking: “How can we tolerate so much ambiguity? How will students learn the standards?” Lo and behold, after three months – and despite his reluctance to an uncomfortable teaching and learning design, Loren started witnessing profound changes in the ways students and staff, walked, talked, worked, and envisioned their futures. Leaving was no longer an option. Ten years later, Loren was principal of the school and had added a middle school to Highline’s campus.

Loren currently resides in Seattle and enjoys the 'wonder and awe' that his two daughters bring to the world. He holds Bachelor’s Degrees from Stanford University in Psychology and Political Science and an M.Ed. from the University of Washington in Education Leadership and Policy Studies.

Loren Demeroutis

National Director of Communities of Practice

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