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Mychal joined Big Picture Learning in January of 2023. Prior to joining Big Picture Learning, she worked at a University managing grants and research projects. She brings 10 years of experience in a non-profit environment and has almost 15 years of experience in accounting and grant management.

Mychal was born and raised in Oklahoma and holds a Bachelors in Accounting from the University of Oklahoma…Boomer Sooner! She is passionate about children’s education and served as a Math and ACT tutor for almost 15 years in her free time. Mychal enjoys spending time with her husband, dogs and family, reading books, Broadway shows and playing the piano.

Growing up, Mychal’s dad was her principal in high school and instilled in her a love for education and a passion for helping others. Every day over the loud speaker at school he would tell his students “Have a great day, or not. The choice is yours!” This is something Mychal still lives by to this day.

Mychal Roland

Grants Manager/Staff Accountant

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