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Taylor Reese Harper, M.Ed., has served as an educational change agent in Reno, Nevada for more than two decades. Taylor began her journey as an elementary school educator, teaching Early Childhood, Special Education, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th grades. Her passionate dive into the world of small schools and Big Picture Learning began in 2008 when she became the principal of Washoe Inspire Academy where she pushed for systemic change that would better serve adjudicated youth and their families. She has been a warrior for underserved children, families, hushed activists, leaders, and educators in her local community and globally. Having extensive experience with school transformation, navigating complicated school systems, political landscapes, and Title 1 Schools, Taylor served as the Re-Engagement and Graduation Director for WCSD. Taylor was most recently the principal (or, “Lead Learner”, as she prefers) of the first Big Picture Learning School in Nevada, Innovations High School; she was instrumental in developing the team that took this school from an 8% graduation rate to a 94% graduation rate during her 9-year tenure. With a knack for creating amazing school cultures, Taylor has developed her own, unique style of collaborating, celebrating, and encouraging both adults and young people alike to find their passion and purpose in the world!

Taylor Harper

Collaborative Design Director

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