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Zelia Gonzales is a School Design Coach for Career Exploration supporting 9th grade teachers through the Career Readiness and Modern Youth Apprenticeship pilot with the NYC Department of Education. They currently support K-12 schools and teachers across the city, but they are grateful they get to return each week to The Hub in the Bronx with the HERE to HERE initiative team.

Zelia graduated from a BPL school, The Met Sacramento High School, in 2016. And then graduated from Cornell University in 2021 with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations, informally focusing on organizational change management. Before working with Big Picture, Zelia was designing social tools for, and helping organizations more authentically engage with, young adults 14 - 30 years old.

They are interested in all things adult-education and facilitation! But you can also ask Zelia about beading, independent movies, cults, and historical fiction.

Zelia Gonzales

School Design Coach

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