In the U.S., one student drops out of school every 12 seconds.
That's a lot of students so far this school year.

Support Big Picture Learning and help stop the count.

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In addition to growing and sustaining a global network of schools, Big Picture Learning is passionately committed to the continual improvement of our educational design, innovation of our practice, and strengthening of the theoretical foundations of our work. Presently, Big Picture Learning is actively engaged in a variety of initiatives that support our students’ endeavors, push the boundaries of learning, redefine the environment of schooling, and re-imagine the possibilities for educational change.


Our current innovation topics include spearheading the process of concurrently graduating and professionally certifying students to supporting all Big Picture students’ transition from high school to college; from expanding internationally to revolutionizing the concept of mathematics. Regardless of topic, Big Picture Learning is relentless in demonstrating that shifting conventional thought and practice can result in more rigorous learning, better engaged students, more robust schools, and a stronger society.

Big Picture Learning understands itself as a ‘do-think-do’ organization, mirroring the learning design implemented in our schools. Our innovative ventures are integrated into our work with students, school communities, and businesses and we augment our work with relevant theory. Big Picture’s practice informs our theory and our theory informs our practice – a cycle that leads to profound changes in education.


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